IPSIA’s Founder

Mohammad Ghayour, Founder of IPSIA

Mohammad Ghayour was a Senior Systems Engineer with Air Traffic Systems division of Lockheed-Martin Corporation in Washington DC, responsible for the development of systems’ specifications, performance trade-off studies, and design alternatives for long range surveillance radar systems, as well as leading two engineering teams responsible for analysis of contractors’ derived systems parameters against the systems’ spectrum performance requirements and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Prior to his employment with Lockheed-Martin corporation, from 1981-1988, Mohammad was a Systems and Circuits Design Engineer with Vega Precision Laboratories in Vienna, Virginia, responsible for circuits design, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), and systems integration of uplink/downlink transmitters/receivers of beacon radar transponders, and data encoder/decoders for command, control, and tracking of Remotely Piloted Vehicles (Drones) and other avionic applications. Mohammad has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, and extensive legal trainings in patent laws, rules, and regulations. He joined the Patent and Trademark Office in 1996. Currently, he is a Supervisory Patent Examiner with the Technology Center 2600 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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