IPSIA Norouz

HAFT SEEN, is a tabletop arrangement of seven symbolic items traditionally
displayed at Norouz, the Persian new year. The haft seen table includes
seven items all starting with the letter seen in the Persian alphabet:
1. Sabzeh ( wheat, barley, mung bean or lentil sprouts growing in a
dish) – symbolizing rebirth
2. Samanu (sweet pudding made from wheat germ) – symbolizing
3. Senjed (dried oleaster Wild Olive fruit) – symbolizing love
4. Seer (garlic) – symbolizing medicine
5. Seeb (apple) symbolizing beauty and health
6. Somāq (sumac fruit) – symbolizing (the color of) sunrise
7. Serkeh (vinegar) – symbolizing old-age and patience

Norouz Flyer

IPSIA 2013 Election

We would like to remind everyone that our election will be held on November 13th. You can cast your votes in Jefferson 2D44 between 11:00AM-12:30PM.

 In this election we have the following nominees for the officer positions:

President –                 Mr. Arash Beheshti Shirazi  

Vice President –         Mr. Ali Shayanfar

Treasurer –                 Mr. Arvin Eskandarnia

Secretary –                  Ms. Noosha Arjomandi       

The following nominees are for the representative-at-large positions:

Mr. Mohammad Asdjodi

Ms. Shaghayegh Azima

Ms. Niki Bakhtiar

Mr. Pegeman Karimi

Mr. Arshia Kia

Mr. Mohammad Ghayour

Mr. Ebrahim Golabbakhsh

Ms. Leila Malek

Mr. Mohammad Rostami (Saeed)

Mr.  Davoud Zand

Furthermore, according to our charters/bylaws our current president (Mr. Amir Mehrmanesh) would be a member of the Board of Directors.

Proxy Vote: If you are unable to attend and would like to still cast your vote, please send an email to Leila Malek and Amir Mehrmanesh to make arrangements for a proxy vote.

** Please note that according to our charters/bylaws only paid members are eligible to vote. You may become a paid member on or before the day of election by submitting a singed membership form.