Iranian doctor greatest world woman inventor in 2013

An Iranian doctor from Mashhad Medical Science University received the award of the greatest world woman inventor in Geneva International Festival for Inventions in year 2013.

Dr. Zahra Alizadeh Thani, who is a specialist in radiology of heart and coroners, also received gold medal and special award of 41st Geneva Festival in addition to her award as the world inventor.
Dr. Alizadeh Thani has invented a device to determine level of tightness of heart coroners.
The device also makes it possible to determine if the patient needs angioplasty.
Angioplasty is a procedure to restore blood flow through the artery.

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Cyrus Cylinder US Tour 2013

The Cyrus Cylinder will continue its tour around the U.S.

The schedule below shows the next tour dates:

1) Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX (May 3rd – June 14th)

2) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY (June 20th – August 4th)

3) Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA (August 9th – September 22nd)

4) J. Paul Getty Museum at the GEtty Villa, Los Angeles, CA (October 2nd – December 2nd)

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Ukraine ‘worst abuser of intellectual property rights’

US authorities have named Ukraine as the country with the worst record on protecting intellectual property. A report by the US Trade Representative says Kiev had failed to fight internet piracy and the use of illegal software. Such software was even being used by government agencies, it adds. Ukraine has been warned it could lose trade benefits if it fails to act. The report also raises grave concerns about the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets in China.

This is threat to both US companies and national security, it adds. Continue reading

Leadership in Action Award

IPSIA is proud to announce USPTO supervisor Taghi Arani received Leadership in Action (LIA) Award for the second half of fiscal year 2012. Mr. Arani is a supervisor in Network security and cryptography unit and has been with USPTO for more than 12 years.

The LIA award is an ongoing recognition program established to give employees the opportunity to acknowledge supervisors who model best practices in leadership or mentoring and exemplify the values set in the USPTO Leadership Vision. The program also gives managers an opportunity to recognize peers who demonstrate “Leadership in Action.”

Mr. Arani is now being nominated for the Supervisor of the Year Award, which will be announced at 10:30 a.m. ceremony on Thursday, February 7 in Madison North Auditorium.