A Winning Way to Deal With Waste

Engineers at Cal Tech, including Asghar Aryanfar, have–at the urging of the Gates Foundation–created a new toilet for the developing world that will help stop disease and also generate power, even in the most remote locations.
PhD Student and Research Assistant Asghar Aryanfar is the first prize recepient of the ‘Reinvent the toilet’ challenge, a universal competition initiated by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He did the design and flow analysis for the unit.
         A solar-powered toilet that turns urine and feces into hydrogen and electricity has won a $100,000 first prize in the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The prize was announced at the foundation’s “Reinvent the Toilet Fair” in Seattle, Washington, which showcased dozens of projects that aim to create an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to the flush toilet.
This invention was featured on CNN. Please click here to watch the news on CNN.

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